Squadracorse Supertrofeo

In 2017, Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe has reached its ninth edition. On the heels of a growing success that peaked in 2016 with a record number of starters, the one-make racing championship reserved for cars from Sant’Agata Bolognese saw the debut last year of the new Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo with rear wheel-drive only.


Free practice

There are two free practice sessions of 60-minutes maximum.

Qualifying session

There will be two 15-minutes Qualifying sessions. If two Drivers share the wheel of a car, each Driver must take part in one of the two qualifying sessions. All laps covered during the qualifying session will be timed to determine the car’s position at the start for the race.

The grid

The grid will be determined by the order of the fastest time achieved by each car during the qualifying session. Should two or more cars have set identical times, priority will be given to the one which set it first. The Grid for the second Race will be determined by the order of the second qualifying session. In case a car cannot obtain a time in one or both the Qualifying Sessions, its position on the grid of the relative race(s) will be, pending the approval of the Race Director, behind all the cars having obtained regular times and , if necessary, in the order of the times obtained in the Free Practice Session.

Starting procedure

A maximum of fifteen minutes before the time of the start of the race, the cars will leave the pits / pre-start to cover a reconnaissance lap. At the end of this lap they will stop on their respective grid position in starting order with their engines stopped.
The approach of the start will be announced by signals shown 10 minutes, 5 minutes, three minutes, one minute and fifteen seconds before the start of the formation lap.
When the one minute signal is shown, engines will be started and all team technical staff must leave the grid.
Fifteen-second signal: fifteen seconds AFTER this signal, a green flag/light will be shown at the front of the grid, whereupon the cars will begin a formation lap with Lamborghini’s official car leading, maintaining their starting order. During this lap, the formation must be kept as tight as possible.
Rolling start: at the end of the formation lap, the Lamborghini official lead car will pull off the track. The cars will continue on their own with the pole position leading at a minimum speed of 70 kph and maximum of 90 kph. The starting signal will be given by means of green starting lights activated under the control of the starter.


The end-of-race signal will be given at the Line as soon as the leading car crosses it after the scheduled time has elapsed. After receiving the end-of-race signal, all cars must proceed directly to the Parc Fermé without any unnecessary delay, without receiving any object whatsoever and without any assistance (except that of the race marshals if necessary).

Point scoring

There will be two championship classifications. According to their position in the classification, drivers of each category (Pro AM and AM) will be awarded the following points after each race:

Driver classification

The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo is intended primarily for private teams and nonprofessional Gentlemen Drivers. However Gold and Silver will be allowed according to FIA Driver Categorisation Regulations.

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