Unmissable Senna at the Lamborghini Museum

This is an exhibition not to be missed, held in Sant’Agata Bolognese (worth a visit itself…) at the Lamborghini Museum, opening on 12 April. The exhibition brings together for the first time all the race cars driven by Ayrton Senna, and the history of Senna the man as well as the champion, through a moving series of photographs that trace his life.
Before going into the content of the pictures by one of the most famous Formula One photographers, Ercole Colombo, arranged according to an account written by journalist Giorgio Terruzzi, and before describing the cars on display, we need to explain why the Lamborghini Museum is hosting an exhibition on Senna.
It is not widely known that the unfortunate Brazilian champion would have had a different fate if the result of a secret test, conducted in September 1993, had had a positive outcome. The test was arranged to try out the Lamborghini F1 V12 engine on Senna’s McLaren. The result was exciting, and the driver would have switched immediately. But the negotiations fell through, and he decided to go to Williams. Unfortunately.
What remains, however, is that episode and the white McLaren like in the test, with its Lamborghini engine at its side, on display in Sant’Agata along with the Williams, Lotus JPS, Toleman, and the Formula 3 and Formula Ford cars, and even the kart of his debut.
The pictures, displayed all around the cars, tell the story of Senna’s life, up to his last night in Suite 200 of the hotel where he was staying the night before the Gran Prix held on that fateful day of 1 May 1994.